Scotland, Day 4: From Glencoe to the Isle of Skye, through Glenfinnan

Glenfinnan Viaduct

The day we travelled to Skye and we missed the Jacobite steam train (aka the Hogwarts Express)

On our fourth day, we left Glencoe towards the Isle of Skye. There were two possible ways to get there: either by ferry, taking it from Mallaig to Armadale, or driving to Kyle of Localsh and crossing the bridge to the island.

As I don’t like ferries and boats, we opted for the latter. However, we took a little detour to Glenfinnan, where’s the famous railway viaduct and the Jacobite steam train that appears in the Harry Potter films.


In the morning we basically packed up our things, cleaned up the caravan, and left towards Glenfinnan. We wanted to time our arrival so that we could see the Jacobite steam train running through the Glenfinnan Viaduct, but unfortunately we were late and we missed it.

Glenfinnan Viaduct, no train unfortunately

Despite this, we tried to make the most of our detour. From the Glenfinnan train station, we walked along a path that more or less followed the train tracks, and then went down. We were able to cross underneath the viaduct and then walked back to our car, which was parked quite close to the train station.

Glenfinnan Train Station

Although it’s a nice place to see and to walk around, I’m not sure it worth the detour. The viaduct is certainly impressive, but there are others all around Scotland, even if not so striking. Unless of course you manage to catch sight of the train (or ride on it!) or you are a die-hard Potterhead and you wish to see it in person.

Drive to the Isle of Skye

Eilean Donan castle

After our walk, we jumped in the car again and we drove to Kyle of Localsh and the Isle of Skye. On our way there, we stopped to take a few pictures of Eilean Donan castle, but we didn’t visit it then. We arrived in Skye in the evening. We stayed in Tir Alainn, a B&B located in the eastern part of the island and quite close to Kyle of Localsh, the entry point to island if you wish to drive instead of taking the ferry, like we did.

The view from the B&B

The B&B was the most expensive accomodation we booked in our trip, but our hosts provided a top-notch service. The room was very clean and of a reasonable size (I’d even go as far as saying it was big, from what I remember) and Ron and Pam gave us really good advice on what to do and see.

That evening we had dinner at the Red Skye restaurant, following a recommendation from the hosts of the B&B where we were staying. The food was really good (although a bit expensive) and we liked it so much that we went back on our last day in Skye.

Summary & Recommendations

The highlights of the day were:

  • Red Skye restaurant, where we had dinner.
  • Tir Allain, our B&B
  • Glenfinnan Viaduct, if you’re a Potterhead.


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