Scotland, Day 6: Around Skye – Trotternish and Waternish Peninsula

The day we had tea and cake for lunch and I found a tick on my leg.

On our 6th day we spent most of it driving around the island. Our initial plan was to see the Trotternish peninsula, but due to bad weather we ended our drive earlier than expected and we decided to go and see the Waternish peninsula as well. However, by the time we got to Dunvegan Castle, it was closing time.


But let’s start at the beginning. We left the B&B and headed towards the Trotternish pensinsula. Our first stop was near Uig, to visit the Fairy Glen. It’s basically an area with many low, grassy hills with small ponds of water in-between. It was lovely.

Fairy Glen
Fairy Glen
Fairy Glen
Uprooted tree in the Fairy Glen

We were lucky as we didn’t meet many people there, but it seems that it can get crowded in the summer. In this case, they recommend parking the car in Uig and then walking there (30 min. walk).

Uig Bay
Uig Bay

We then continued our drive up north. Our next stop were the ruins of Duntulm Castle, in Duntulm. There isn’t much castle left but I liked stopping there and enjoying the scenery.

Duntulm Castle
Ruins of Duntulm Castle
View from Duntulm Castle
View from Duntulm Castle

By then it was time to start thinking about lunch. Our hosts at the B&B recommended The Small and Cosy Teahouse. We wanted to stop there, but we’d have liked to eat a standard lunch and then cake. Unfortunately, we didn’t find any places where we could eat before we reached the teahouse. I remember we saw what looked like an hotel but it was closed.

The Small and Cosy Teahouse was located in Digg. It offered a large selection of teas and home-baked generous cakes. We loved it. Back then we weren’t into tea and couldn’t appreciate them as someone who loves them would. The cakes were amazing. Unfortunately, it looks like the teahouse is closed and/or doen’t have the same management as before. It’s a pity, because it was a wonderful experience.


After this we drove to see Quiraing, an escarpment which resulted from several landslides. We parked the car next to the road between Staffin and Uig, and we took a circular path that goes across the Quiraing to return to the parking lot. However, we hadn’t changed into hiking boots and we only walked a short distance. It was great, although I’d recommend wearing appropriate gear and being very careful. I think the walk is doable, but you need to be properly equipped.


We then got back into the car and continued on our way to Portree. I would have loved to stop at the Old Man of Storr and walked up to its foot, but by the time we were in the area it was pouring down. So we continued our drive to Portree.

By the time we arrived in Portree, the rain had stopped.

Portree is a small lovely town well worth the stop. There’s not much to do, other than walking along the streets and enjoying the views. Plus, it’s probably the best place to stop if you wish to have something to eat, as in neither the Waternish or the Trotternish peninsula there is much choice.

Colourful houses in Portree.

Since we arrived earlier than we expected in Portree, after walking through the town we decided to head to Dunvengan Castle in the Waternish Peninsula. As we expected, we arrived too late for entry, but at least we got to see the Waternish peninsula and enjoy the drive.


Back in Portree, I think we had dinner at L’incontro, an Italian restaurant. As far as I remember, service was good and the staff was nice.

But the day was not over for us. As I was getting ready for bed, I noticed a very small lump on my leg. After watching it closely, I realised it had to be a tick!! I got dressed again and went out of the room to ask for help, as never in my life had I removed a tick and it can be dangerous if not done properly. Thankfully, the owners of the B&B were experienced and they pulled it off. Since they didn’t have any alcohol to apply afterwards, they went for some cooking whiskey instead.

Summary & Recommendations

The best:

  • The drives along the island (both Trotternish and Waternish peninsulas)
  • The Small and Cosy Teahouse

The worst:

  • The weather, which spoiled our walk to the Old Man of Storr

The funniest:

  • The tick and whiskey episode
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