Scotland, Day 8: Inverness and Around

The day we failed to see dolphins, but we ended up visiting another Fairy Glen with beautiful waterfalls.


After a hearty breakfast at our B&B, we decided to go and watch dolphins, if possible. The B&B owner had recommended going to Chanonry Point, about 30 minutes away from Inverness. The problem with dolphins is that you cannot guarantee 100% that you will see them. In order to increase your chance of spotting them, you should go there when the tide is rising.

Fort George and Moray Firth from Chanonry Point.

We were unlucky, but I think we also were a bit late. We waited for a while but we couldn’t see any dolphins. Seeing that the morning had been so unproductive, I checked our guide and saw it mentioned the Fairy Glen (not to be confused with the other Fairy Glen in the Isle of Skye) in Rosemarkie, next to Chanonry Point, so we decided to go for a walk there.

Fairy Glen, in Rosemarkie.

What a gem we found! It was a realtively short (3 km, 2 mi), easy walk through the woods, at the end of which there are a couple of beatiful waterfalls. After reaching the first waterfall, you have to climb some steps to the left and shortly after you’ll find the second waterfall.

A family of ducks in Fairy Glen.
The first waterfall.
The second waterfall.

We loved it. It wasn’t crowded at all and it’s a great place to walk your dog. We also met a very nice lady that talked to us about the special energy of the place.

Fairy Glen. Finally the sun shined after some drizzle.

After this, and while we were looking for a place where we could have some lunch, we stopped in Fortrose and admired Fortrose Cathedral. Apparently you can ask for the key and visit it, but we just stayed outside.

Fortrose Cathedral. We just admired it from the outside.


In the afternoon we drove back to Inverness and we just strolled around the city. We walked to Inverness Castle, which currently houses the Sheriff Court and cannot be visited. We also saw the fa├žade of St. Andrew’s Cathedral and we walked along the River Ness. There are some very small islands on the river, called Ness Islands, connected by suspension bridges. So you can cross the bridge and walk in and around the islands.

Inverness Castle. It’s not possible to visit it.
St Andrew’s Cathedral
River Ness, as seen from the Ness Islands.

After walking for a great part of our day, we then just went back to our B&B and chilled out. In fact, I don’t think we even went out for dinner, we just had a hot chocolate in our room instead.

Summary and Recommendations

The best:

  • Fairy Glen and its waterfalls

The good:

  • Walking around Inverness and along the Ness River

The failure:

  • Spotting dolphins in Chanonry Point. I’d still go again just to try and see them. I’d have been very happy to see them, so I still think it’s worth trying.
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