Long Time No See…

You may have noticed that the posts, despite being published more or less regularly, abrutly stopped in February. To cut the long story short (you can find more details here), I broke my ankle at the end of the month and had no mental space to deal with these websites.

During this time I considered – very seriously – the option of just cancelling my hosting and forgetting about them. However, as I felt sad to do so, I decided to compromise and finding them a cheaper hosting. This is what I’ve done.

In the following days it’s highly likely that there will be more downtime as I finish the move. I hope to start writing again towards the end of the month, perhaps sooner.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll continue to enjoy the articles in this website and, perhaps if you’re dog lover, the ones at Nix & Us.

Image credit: FirmBee @ Pixabay, used under a CC license

I enjoy reading, watching TV, playing board games, photography, learning and languages. I also enjoy traveling and exploring new places at my leisure. I like writing about life and sharing it through this blog. And in case you didn't know, I love dogs ;)

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